Growth Plan


Blackpool Multi Academy Trust – Growth Plan


Blackpool Multi Academy Trust was established in 2013 at the request of the Local Authority who had approached a number of schools to ask if they would convert to academy status and form a Multi Academy Trust with the key purpose of providing a local solution for supporting and sponsoring schools at risk.  Anchorsholme, Devonshire and Park agreed to support the Local Authority by forming the Blackpool Multi Academy Trust.  Whilst in the process of converting a school at risk, Revoe now RLA, was allocated to them as a school to be sponsored.

Over the past three and a half years the majority of the focus of the MAT has been establishing itself as a MAT and finding effective and mutual partnership working opportunities in addition to the major priority of supporting a school which had been judged as requiring special measures in all areas. A significant amount of time has been invested in supporting RLA which has recently been justified in that during their most recent inspection RLA has moved to RI in all areas with evidence for the capacity for further improvement. There has been some work in developing the general systems and processes within the MAT and some good work has been created through such activities as :-  the establishment of the Schools Direct programme, partnership working in terms of SEND, Business and Finance, Deputy Headteacher Network, shared CPD opportunities, etc.

Unfortunately, during this period, Devonshire was judged by OfSTED as being a school that Required Improvements. This also coincided with changes at senior leadership within some of the Academies.

Growth, in terms of an increase in the number of Academy partners, has been discussed on a number of occasions but it has always been felt by the Trust Board that the school development priorities within the MAT and the capacity of senior leaders outweigh the need to expand.

In the short term, this belief remains. The Trust Board and senior leaders within the MAT feel that the highest priority in terms of growth at the moment is to ensure that all schools within the MAT must be judged as a minimum of GOOD by Ofsted. The partnership opportunities that an expansion of the MAT would inevitably bring will be secured though other partnership opportunities such as “Challenge Partners”.  School Improvement challenge will be co-ordinated by a soon to be appointed CEO, the soon to be reconstituted Trust Board and through peer review within and beyond the MAT.

In light of this, below is our intentions in terms of a Growth Plan over the next three years.




Blackpool Multi Academy Trust – Growth Plan


2016 -17

2017 -18


Secure at least “Good” judgments for all schools within the MAT.


RLA and Devonshire are both currently RI schools. They both have development plans in place to address the key findings of their inspections. 


The role of the MAT in helping to shape the development of the schools is currently will be maintained and extended as required.

With a GOOD rating secured for all schools in the MAT the focus will move to expanding the School to School partnership work within and beyond the MAT. This will include extending our moderation exercises and our opportunities for peer review and challenge.


We will quality assure and share our expertise and in doing so seek to support a wider network of schools. This will include stand alone academies and LA schools.


Through this process if we should identify partners who will compliment our current partnership and have expertise of their own that would enhance our partnership, or indeed if they are a school/academy who has specific development needs which we are able to support, we will pursue the possibility of expanding our network of schools within the MAT.


Through brooder collaborations and partnership through such networks as “Challenge Partners” we will continue to develop the skills and competence of our collective staff.


If suitable partners have been identified through our work of 2017/18 we will seek to expand the MAT to a maximum of 10 schools.


We were established as a LOCAL group and would be keen to maintain a “localness” in our potential expansion of our network of schools.